The purpose for the articles on this site are not just to provide inspiration for anyone planning a wedding but also to give advice from the perspective of one of the busiest wedding photographers in Nashville. Since I started photographing weddings on film around the turn of the century I've photographed hundreds of weddings all over the United States. I've delivered over a million photos to happy clients and these photos tell stories. I have some stories to tell and I thought it would be fun to compile and compare similar images from various weddings in my archive. 

You will find advice regarding your search for vendors. I don't plan to point you to one vendor specifically over another but to help point out what separates the best from the rest. Also, you will find inspiration not just from a handful of real wedding features but also lists of options and the pros and cons of certain decisions you will have to make in your planning. Also, if you are interested in weddings I can promise that you'll find some good wedding stories in the mix.