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4 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Day Photos Are the Best
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
4 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Day Photos Are the Best

Are you worried about what the weather might be for your wedding day? Don’t be! While we all wish for gorgeous sunny days, rainy days can actually make for some amazing wedding day photos. And hey—rainy wedding days are considered good luck! Check out a few reasons why rainy day wedding photos are amazing.  1. Umbrellas make cute props. There’s something about twirling an umbrella around in the rain that feels a little whimsical, and that spirit comes across in rainy day wedding photos.  2. Clouds can provide a unique (and beautiful!) background. Sometimes, nature creates a better background than any photographer could ever stage! White wedding dresses really pop against a dark, cloudy sky, and a storm rolling in can make for a breathtaking photo.  3. Raindrops can look a little bit magical in photos. When raindrops are captured in a photo as they fall, they almost look like snowflakes, or even stars. Either way, photos with rain falling around you and your spouse are a different kind of beautiful—the kind you can’t get on a sunny day!  4. Photos with your spouse feel more romantic. Whether you’re walking close under an umbrella or sharing a kiss in the middle of a downpour, there’s something about rain that adds just a little more romance to your wedding day. Don’t be ...

6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Memorable
Monday, October 09, 2017
4 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Day Photos Are the Best

Your wedding ceremony will undoubtedly be filled with sweet moments that you and your spouse will treasure forever. Make it a time that your guests will treasure, too, with these ideas on how to make your ceremony memorable! 1. Choose a unique setting. The backdrop of your ceremony can make all the difference in the mood and tone of the day, so choose a place that you love! Whether it’s a place that’s been special in your relationship, or an outdoor location with breathtaking scenery, your guests won’t soon forget a wedding that’s held in a unique venue.  2. Stay true to your heritage and personality. Your wedding ceremony should feel like “you,” so add in your personality in the details. If your family has cultural traditions, incorporate them into the ceremony. Add your favorite color in the form of flowers, or find special decorations that you love to adorn the ceremony space. Your wedding ceremony should be as unforgettable as you are, so infuse it with the things that matter to you! 3. Get creative with the setup. No one said you have to have your chairs in rows with an aisle down the center! In fact, having chairs in a large circle all around your ceremony will ensure that all of your guests have a great view, and your photographer will be able to capture guests’ reactions throughout the ...

6 Ideas That Can Send You Off in Style
Thursday, October 05, 2017
4 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Day Photos Are the Best

We all know it's important to make a dramatic entrance at your wedding, but what about a grand EXIT? From traditional and timeless to contemporary and quirky, here are some of the best wedding send-off ideas! 1. Sparklers There's a reason why sparklers are so popular as a wedding send-off! They make for beautiful photos, but make sure your wedding venue will allow them before you purchase your sparklers. When buying them, be sure to get long-burning sparklers so your photographer will have time to capture all the best shots of your guests bidding you a fiery farewell!  If your venue doesn't allow sparklers, try glow sticks! They'll have a similar effect if you're making your exit past dark, but they're a bit safer for your venue-- and for any kids who may be in your wedding guest crowd. 2. Streamers or Confetti Streamers and confetti can keep the party atmosphere going all the way until you wave goodbye! Some venues won't allow streamers, but don't worry-- look for poppers that keep the streamers attached. You'll still get the effect you want, but your friends and family won't be stuck cleaning up streamers from the venue's lawn once you're gone.  3. Flower petals, rice, or bird seed Looking for a more traditional send-off? Give guests bags of rice or bird seed, or have them grab some flower petals to toss for photos as you leave. ...

5 Great Reasons to Include Young Children in Your Wedding Party
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
4 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Day Photos Are the Best

Have you thought about giving a few special children a role in your wedding day? Kids can be difficult to coordinate sometimes, but they truly add something special to the whole day. Check out just a few reasons to include young children in your wedding party! 1. They're just so cute! Okay, maybe this one is a little obvious. But seriously, kids can be really adorable, especially when they’re all dressed up for a wedding.  2. They bring a unique energy to your wedding day. Adults are great, but there’s just something about youthful energy that makes your wedding day feel welcoming and warm. Not to mention, they’re sure to keep things lively on the dance floor once they’ve had a slice of wedding cake! 3. They make priceless candid pictures. Young children are unpredictable, and sometimes their off-the-wall behavior can result in completely unique photos. Between their facial expressions and their silly mannerisms, you’re sure to get plenty of photos that capture their personalities! 4. They'll make you laugh throughout the day. Kids can say some crazy things, and sometimes just looking at their smiles can make you smile, too! Young children in your wedding party will keep the day lighthearted and fun, and they’ll keep you and your guests entertained.  5. They'll have the wonderful ...

How to Have the Best Getting Ready Photos on Your Wedding Day
Friday, September 15, 2017
4 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Day Photos Are the Best

Long before your wedding ceremony even begins, you and your loved ones are buzzing with excitement as you get ready for the day! "Getting ready" photos are a great way to capture the joy and emotion on your wedding day, from start to finish.Want to make sure your getting ready photos are perfect? Read on! Give your bridesmaids matching outfits. Robes, pajamas, or even comfy personalized button-down shirts are a great bridesmaid gift, and they make your getting ready photos look much more polished. Create a getting-ready playlist. Set the mood while you and your bridesmaids have your hair and makeup done with a playlist of your favorite songs! Impromptu dance parties make for some fantastic candid shots, so go ahead and get your groove on, too! Keep snacks and drinks close by. No one wants to have a frowny-faced, "hangry" bridesmaid in their wedding day photos. Keep food and drinks on hand so everyone stays happy and fed! Mimosas are also a great addition to your spread-- they're the perfect breakfast-time treat for you and your ladies! Make sure everyone gets ready in the same place. This will help create a fun group dynamic that will shine through in your photos, but it will also be a huge help logistically. Also, be sure that everyone else is completely dressed and ready before you put on your wedding dress. You want everyone ...