5 Great Reasons to Include Young Children in Your Wedding Party
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
By Matt Andrews Photography Blog
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Have you thought about giving a few special children a role in your wedding day? Kids can be difficult to coordinate sometimes, but they truly add something special to the whole day. Check out just a few reasons to include young children in your wedding party!

1. They're just so cute!

Okay, maybe this one is a little obvious. But seriously, kids can be really adorable, especially when they’re all dressed up for a wedding. 

2. They bring a unique energy to your wedding day.

Adults are great, but there’s just something about youthful energy that makes your wedding day feel welcoming and warm. Not to mention, they’re sure to keep things lively on the dance floor once they’ve had a slice of wedding cake!

3. They make priceless candid pictures.

Young children are unpredictable, and sometimes their off-the-wall behavior can result in completely unique photos. Between their facial expressions and their silly mannerisms, you’re sure to get plenty of photos that capture their personalities!

4. They'll make you laugh throughout the day.

Kids can say some crazy things, and sometimes just looking at their smiles can make you smile, too! Young children in your wedding party will keep the day lighthearted and fun, and they’ll keep you and your guests entertained. 

5. They'll have the wonderful memories of your wedding day for the rest of their lives.

If the children in your wedding party are old enough to remember the day, they’ll cherish the day in their hearts for years to come. It’s an honor for them to be a part of your day, and they’ll have sweet memories of you and your wedding day as they grow up. 

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Need to see more cute kids? Check out even more photos for inspiration below!

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