6 Ideas That Can Send You Off in Style
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Thursday, October 05, 2017
By Matt Andrews Photography Blog
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We all know it's important to make a dramatic entrance at your wedding, but what about a grand EXIT? From traditional and timeless to contemporary and quirky, here are some of the best wedding send-off ideas!

1. Sparklers

There's a reason why sparklers are so popular as a wedding send-off! They make for beautiful photos, but make sure your wedding venue will allow them before you purchase your sparklers. When buying them, be sure to get long-burning sparklers so your photographer will have time to capture all the best shots of your guests bidding you a fiery farewell! 

If your venue doesn't allow sparklers, try glow sticks! They'll have a similar effect if you're making your exit past dark, but they're a bit safer for your venue-- and for any kids who may be in your wedding guest crowd.

2. Streamers or Confetti

Streamers and confetti can keep the party atmosphere going all the way until you wave goodbye! Some venues won't allow streamers, but don't worry-- look for poppers that keep the streamers attached. You'll still get the effect you want, but your friends and family won't be stuck cleaning up streamers from the venue's lawn once you're gone. 

3. Flower petals, rice, or bird seed

Looking for a more traditional send-off? Give guests bags of rice or bird seed, or have them grab some flower petals to toss for photos as you leave. Just beware of the goofy guests who might try to pelt you with bird seed for laughs-- let's hope they have bad aim, right?!

4. Balloons or floating lanterns

Like the idea of brightening up the sky as you make your exit? You could release helium balloons. For a similar effect when it's dark out, try floating lanterns-- you'll feel like you're in a fairy tale until the very last moment of your wedding! Just be sure to ask your venue about any regulations, and make a note of nearby trees, to be safe. 

5. Bubbles

You might feel a bit like a floating bubble as you leave your wedding day-- happily dancing through the air, surrounded by your friends and loved ones. Bubbles are a cost-effective and easy option for a send-off, and they can add a playful spirit to your grand exit!

6. Don't forget about your getaway vehicle!

After the happiest day of your life, it's only fitting to have an awesome getaway vehicle. Whether it's an antique car or a horse-drawn carriage, find a ride that will fit you and your groom's personality. For Nashville weddings, some of my favorite car services are Ragtop Picture Cars, Music City Dream Cars, and Matchless Transportation Services. 

Whatever idea you choose, make sure you have a Nashville wedding photographer who will capture your entire day-- from the moment you start getting ready, all the way through your grand exit. Hiring the right photographer is so important in this special day, and Nashville wedding photographer Matt Andrews is ready to meet all your wedding photography needs. Dates are filling up quickly, so contact us today to get started on your dream Nashville wedding photography experience! 

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