6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Memorable
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Monday, October 09, 2017
By Matt Andrews Photography Blog
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Your wedding ceremony will undoubtedly be filled with sweet moments that you and your spouse will treasure forever. Make it a time that your guests will treasure, too, with these ideas on how to make your ceremony memorable!

1. Choose a unique setting.

The backdrop of your ceremony can make all the difference in the mood and tone of the day, so choose a place that you love! Whether it’s a place that’s been special in your relationship, or an outdoor location with breathtaking scenery, your guests won’t soon forget a wedding that’s held in a unique venue. 

2. Stay true to your heritage and personality.

Your wedding ceremony should feel like “you,” so add in your personality in the details. If your family has cultural traditions, incorporate them into the ceremony. Add your favorite color in the form of flowers, or find special decorations that you love to adorn the ceremony space. Your wedding ceremony should be as unforgettable as you are, so infuse it with the things that matter to you!

3. Get creative with the setup.

No one said you have to have your chairs in rows with an aisle down the center! In fact, having chairs in a large circle all around your ceremony will ensure that all of your guests have a great view, and your photographer will be able to capture guests’ reactions throughout the ceremony. Think outside the traditional setup to create a moment your guests won’t soon forget!

In one of the more memorable weddings I’ve been to, guests sat by the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, while the couple went to the pedestrian bridge above to have the ceremony with their minister, a maid of honor, and best man. Guests could see from below, and cheered when the couple kissed! The possibilities are truly endless if you can think creatively about how to set up your guest seating.

4. Have children be a part of your ceremony.

Kids can bring a whole new energy to your wedding ceremony, and they’re almost guaranteed to do something that will give you and your guests a good chuckle. If you’re not sure whether you want to include children in your wedding party, check out this post for more help!


Of course, if you don’t have any children in your family or friend group, involving your furry friends is a great idea, too!

5. Give your friends and family a role in the ceremony.

Whether your ceremony will include cultural traditions, prayers, or some other activity, involve some of your guests in the ceremony itself! Some couples choose to have their guests join hands to pray, and others have only their parents or immediate family members come up and say a few words or give a reading.

6. Don't be afraid to show emotion!

Your wedding day will be filled with all kinds of emotions. Don’t hide them! On such a monumental day, you, your bridesmaids, and your guests are free to let out all of your laughter and happy tears. Besides, huge smiles and overwhelming moments of emotion will make for some great pictures that can truly capture how the day felt for you—even when you look back years from now. 

No matter what you choose to do to make your wedding ceremony memorable, make sure you have the right photographer to capture every perfect detail-- from the first person in the processional all the way until the moment you walk back up the aisle as an officially married couple. Nashville wedding photographer Matt Andrews has the experience to give you the wedding photos of your dreams, so contact us today to begin your amazing Nashville wedding photography experience! 

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