A Winter Wedding at Vine Street Christian Church and Cellar One
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
By Matt Andrews Wedding Photography Blog
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When Jessie and Will chose a February wedding date in Nashville we knew it could be a very cold day but when the big day arrived it turned out to be a very pleasant day. One thing you have to keep in mind during winter weddings is how early it gets dark. If Jessie decided not to let Will see her on the wedding day until she walked down the isle they wouldn't have been able to get any naturally lit photos together and with their entire bridal party until night time. They decided to have a private first look moment together in a garden at Centennial Park near the Parthanon. We were able to get some beautiful photos. The leafless trees blurred into a buttery brown color in the background and look different than summertime photos with more vibrant green backgrounds. I thought they turned out beautifully. Once the ceremony was over the bridal party were able to get to the reception at CellarOne that much quicker because the only photos we needed to do after the ceremony were the formal family group shots. The food was excellent and the dance floor was packed. As a photographer, I get most excited about the photos that are the most technically difficult because I like a challenge. Its always more difficult in low light at receptions but I was proud of the dance floor action shots that I captured with my longer lens. I'll let the photos speak for themselves but I believe we captured the joy!

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