How to Have the Best Getting Ready Photos on Your Wedding Day
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Friday, September 15, 2017
By Matt Andrews Photography Blog
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Long before your wedding ceremony even begins, you and your loved ones are buzzing with excitement as you get ready for the day! "Getting ready" photos are a great way to capture the joy and emotion on your wedding day, from start to finish.

Want to make sure your getting ready photos are perfect? Read on!

Give your bridesmaids matching outfits.

Robes, pajamas, or even comfy personalized button-down shirts are a great bridesmaid gift, and they make your getting ready photos look much more polished.

Create a getting-ready playlist.

Set the mood while you and your bridesmaids have your hair and makeup done with a playlist of your favorite songs! Impromptu dance parties make for some fantastic candid shots, so go ahead and get your groove on, too!

Keep snacks and drinks close by.

No one wants to have a frowny-faced, "hangry" bridesmaid in their wedding day photos. Keep food and drinks on hand so everyone stays happy and fed! Mimosas are also a great addition to your spread-- they're the perfect breakfast-time treat for you and your ladies!

Make sure everyone gets ready in the same place.

This will help create a fun group dynamic that will shine through in your photos, but it will also be a huge help logistically. Also, be sure that everyone else is completely dressed and ready before you put on your wedding dress. You want everyone in the background to look polished for those first reaction photos!

Consider the look of your getting ready location.

The background can make or break your getting ready photos, so be sure to choose a location that will look good in photos. Some venues already have a beautiful space for this, but if yours doesn't, consider renting a hotel room or AirBNB spot for the day. Or, if a friend or family member has a beautiful home that you love, ask to borrow their space for the day! 

You could also head outside to find a unique spot for some photos. Just make sure your groom doesn't catch a peek at you!

Keep all your bridal accessories close.

You want to make sure your jewelry, shoes, and other accessories are captured as you put them on! Keep your hair accessories, garter, and anything else you'll be wearing in the room with you as you get ready. That way, you can save time searching for these items when it's time to take photos of your bridesmaids or family members helping you get dressed. 

Don't forget about the guys!

While you're busy preparing to meet your groom at the end of the aisle, you'll want your photographer to capture some photos of him, too! Encourage your groom to do something fun with his groomsmen before they get ready, like play a round of golf or even go to a workout together. They won't need as much time to get ready, but your photographer can certainly capture some great shots of their fun morning, too!

Find the perfect Nashville wedding photographer!

You can do all the prep work in the world to make sure your getting ready photos-- and ALL of your wedding photos-- are beautiful. But the most important step? Finding a talented and experienced photographer. Nashville wedding photographer Matt Andrews will make sure your photos are exactly what you want, so contact us today to get started with your dream Nashville wedding photography experience!

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