How to Make Sure You Get the Best First Dance Photos at Your Wedding
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Friday, October 27, 2017
By Matt Andrews Photography Blog
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Your first dance with your new spouse at your wedding will likely be one of the first times you're introduced to your friends and family as a married couple, so you want that moment captured on camera! Between the dance you share with your spouse, and the dances that you and your spouse share with your mother or father, these moments will be full of joy. Make sure the photos of your first dances are wonderful with these helpful tips. 

1. Don't stay in one spot on the dance floor.

Your photographer wants to capture multiple angles of your dances, but can't run around the room (without stealing your spotlight, that is!) to get those photos. Be sure to move around the dance floor, and turn to different sides rather than simply swaying back and forth in one place. This way, your photographer can get a good variety of angles and backgrounds, while still capturing the faces of those dancing. 

2. Have fun with it, and don't hide your emotions!

However you're feeling during a dance-- joyful because you're finally married, bittersweet because you're missing a loved one who couldn't be there-- don't shy away from it! You want to remember how these moments felt, and your photographs should capture your true emotions. Don't be afraid to get a little goofy, either! This is your time in the spotlight, so "ham it up" with your spouse and parents during your dances. 

3. Lean in for a hug or kiss.

If you want to dance a little closer for a moment or kiss your new spouse, go for it! Just be sure not to stay too close for the entire dance. If your face is buried in your partner's shoulder, your photographer won't be able to capture your expressions. Leave a little space between you so that neither face is hidden in your photos. 

4. Look out at your guests.

When you're on the dance floor, all eyes will be on you and your partner. Take the opportunity to look out at all those who have gathered to celebrate with you on your wedding day! Share a smile or a nod with someone you're glad to see, and soak in all the love that surrounds you.

5. Twirl your beautiful dress!

You found the perfect wedding dress for this special day, and now's the time to show it off! A twirl as you dance will make for wonderful photos, and it'll make you and your partner laugh. You're the queen of the room, so take your moment to strut and spin on the dance floor!

Sure, all these things are great to keep in mind for your wedding day dance photos. But the best tip of all? Hire a top-notch photographer who will capture all the wonderful photos you could possibly dream of on your wedding day! Nashville wedding photographer Matt Andrews has the talent and experience to capture your moment on the dance floor, and every other blissful moment of your wedding day. You want the best possible photos of your wedding day, so don't settle for a mediocre Nashville wedding photography experience! Dates are filling up quickly, so contact us today to get started. 

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